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Orange County Painting Contractor – Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Acoustic Ceiling Removal
Acoustic ceilings were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, most homes use a hand-textured look over the speedy process of acoustic ceilings. Also known as a popcorn ceiling, the acoustic ceiling was applied with a spraying machine and was used to paint areas that may have had flaws. Keith’s Construction & Painting Co., Inc. offers acoustic ceiling removal to all businesses and residential properties in the Orange County area. Give us a call today. Our process is done in a way that saves the interior of your home and does not create a large mess.

Our Process

All companies do things differently, but for Keith’s Construction & Painting Co., Inc., there is only one way to remove acoustic ceilings, and that is safely and with as minimal mess as possible. Our team of technicians work closely with the home and business owners in the Orange County area to ensure that all acoustic ceiling material is removed and that your new texture is exactly as you want it.
We start by moving all large furniture or protecting it with wrap. The floors are all enveloped in a plastic wrap, and wood floors are double-wrapped to ensure there is a vapor barrier. The plastic is what separates our work area from your actual home and items in it. Once we have removed the acoustic ceiling, we carefully remove the plastic envelope and dispose of it at a designated EPA disposal site. We remove the product all the way down to the drywall and then repair the walls if needed. Once finished, we paint the area the way our clients want. We use a hand-painting method when creating texture, and our painters are all licensed and certified to work in the Orange County area. Give us a call today for all your acoustic ceiling removal needs.